University of Landshut applies as a trainer for the SE-ZERT® program

Munich – 10 July 2018 – The master program of Systems Engineering at the Faculty of Informatics in Landshut is the first academic organization which receives the accreditation for the SE-ZERT®. This additional accreditation foster that the University complies with the Systems Engineering content and depth with the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). Prof. Dr. Matthias Dorfner as the responsible person for the accreditation process and focal point to the SE-ZERT organization is happy that the qualification process was running so smooth and is finished before the winter semester starts. The students within the Systems Engineering master can register for the certification test for the „Certified Systems Engineer - Level C“. Passing the master courses at the university at Landshut is comparable with the training educational program for Level C at other qualified commercial training providers. This high educational personal certification underlines the quality of the master program and eases for the students the entry into work.