How do I renew?

The Certified Systems Engineer is responsible for timely renewing his certificate. If renewing is not done in time then the certificate will become unvalid and a new training and exam will be required to regain it. Renewing is required dependend on the period of validity (3 or 5 years):


Figure: Basic flow of the renewing process:

Certified Systems Engineers should keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date and expand it. This is essential since the environment, technologies, processes and standards are changing constantly. Limitation in time and the possibility for renewing using credits for continuing education are intended to promote this.

Continuing Education Credits can be earned through activities which keep the knowledge and skills which a systems engineer needs up-to-date and expand it. The following rules apply for earning Continuing Education Credits.

Level Requirements
C 120 Continuing Education Credits
5 years
B 120 Continuing Education Credits
3 years
A 120 Continuing Education Credits
3 years

Table: Validity and required Continuing Education Credits per Level

In total 120 Continuing Education Credits must be earned within the period of validity; these must be presented to the SE-TREC GmbH 4 weeks before the expiring date of the certificate. In parallel the fee for renewing must be paid to the SE-TREC GmbH. The actual fee can be found using the link to cost.

The following documents have to be submitted to the SE-TREC GmbH: The filled renewal table, which will be provide by the SE-ZERT office after certification by receiving the seal and a filled and signed cost reimbursement sheet for renewal.

Continuing Education Credits can be earned in the categories

  • Participation on activities of the GfSE or related organisations
  • Trainig & Publications
  • Working as a Systems Engineer

For further details please check the PDF document which can be found using the link to the Download area.